• Phi Unit

    Phi Unit is a Brooklyn based producer and DJ. What started as an obsession to manipulate music on the turntables since his early teen years, has turned into live sets described as a mix of timeless classics with new hits. Phi graduated from New York University with a degree in Neural Science and Psychology and has lived in New York for over 10 years. Phi Unit has been a resident DJ at many downtown NYC and Brooklyn clubs including: The Freehold, Huckleberry Bar, Battery Harris, The Woods, Stanton Social, Gatsby's, Revel and Arrow Bar. Phi Unit is also the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Building Beats, a registered non-profit organization that develops and expands DJ and music education programs that teach entrepreneurial, leadership, and life skills for underserved youth.
  • Mikey Palms

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mikey has been DJing professionally for over fifteen years. As the proprietor of two major venues (Sounthpaw; Public Assembly) he became a significant figure in the New York music scene. In addition to his internet radio presence (co-founder of Chances with Wolves – East Village Radio) he DJ’s over thirty weddings and corporate events a year in addition to his busy nightclub schedule. His music selection is designed entirely around the needs of the client – just name the sound! Has DJed with or opened up for: Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys), Mark Ronson, Prince Paul (De La Soul), Diplo, DJ Premier, Talib Kweli, Questlove, The Rub (Cosmo Baker; DJ Ayres; DJ Eleven)
  • Jeff Kessel

    Jeff Kessel has been DJing in New York City for the past 6 years. He performs at weddings, parties, and clubs and enjoys playing a wide range of music mixing rare cuts and timeless jams. He has DJed for comedian Hannibal Burress during his former residency at the Knitting Factory, and has spun at venues ranging from the Park in Chelsea, to an open house in the iconic brownstone from Spike Lee's Crooklyn, among others. Jeff will take from you a selection of songs you wish to be played along with songs that you definitely DO NOT want played and allow those choices to inform his set for the evening. On his own, his sensibilities skew towards 90s R&B and 80s dance numbers, but his musical palate is wide and he is very adaptable.
  • Ben Boylan

    DJ Benny B grew up in a musical household, with a record-collector father, an uncle who played at Woodstock and a classical-composer grandfather. Fast forward to high school & college, he had amassed a serious record collection and started to make tapes for friends and play at parties. Starting out as a hip-hop DJ, his repertoire expanded to classic soul and funk, reggae, rock, 80’s, house and all dance-related music. His most prized accomplishments are gaining over 2 million hits on his online mixtapes, DJing beautiful weddings as far away as California and Texas and holding several multi-year residencies at top New York clubs. For over 10 years Benny has DJed at weddings all over the country and spun at clubs all over New York City... always fueled by an intense love of music, a passion for pleasing crowds and the fun of making mixtapes.